Top 10 Differences Between Connect2 and Google Forms

Since launching Connect2 several years ago, we have had the pleasure of working with over 50 campus recreation departments transitioning from a combination of solutions ranging from paper to Google Forms.  While Google Forms offers a great tool for creating online forms, it has some limitations and falls short of providing a comprehensive industry specific solution for your entire department.  Below are the top 10 differences that our clients have noticed between Connect2 and Google Forms:

  1. Connect2 provides 11 fully integrated modules including Accident Reports, Incident Reports, Forms, Surveys, Counts, Tasks, SOPs, ERPs, Memo Board, Team Log and End of Day Report all in one centralized solution vs. sending staff out to multiple Google Forms and links.
  2. Connect2 allows you to capture signatures on your forms. You can create waivers, staff training acknowledgement forms, inspection forms, and more.
  3. Connect2 allows you to capture photos or videos as part of a form or survey. This has been great for IM official evaluations, locker clean out forms, maintenance forms and inspections.
  4. Connect2 allows you to start a form and save it in progress. Users can start a form and return to it later in their shift making it perfect for shift reports and longer forms or surveys.
  5. The Connect2 App allows you to work in areas that do not have WiFi. Your users can login from a WiFi area, work offline and then synchronize their data when the return to WiFi again.
  6. Google Forms saves responses in a Sheet (like Excel), but it does not allow you to easily print out the actual form summary with the responses. Connect2 has report views that show a single form response. In addition, Connect2 offers filtered reports which make accessing your data easier.
  7. Connect2 integrates text messaging and email alert functions from the Accident and Incident Report Module.
  8. Connect2 has an API for your Counts Module allowing you to display live counts automatically from your system without requiring a lot of IT support.
  9. Connect2 allows you to easily route submissions of completed forms to other Connect2 users via email.
  10. Connect2 offers live industry specific support and ongoing training through our Connect2 Community. If you have an issue or need assistance in creating a form, you can actually speak with someone that understands campus recreation and can share best practices from other schools using the system.

If you are looking for a comprehensive solution to manage the operational needs of your department with industry specific support, Connect2 is designed with your needs in mind.  Connect2 has truly been designed for rec by rec.

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