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University of Kansas – Client Spotlight

Connect2 Community Spotlight

University of Kansas

Community Member:
Blair Schuyler, Associate Director – Facilities & Operations
Member Since:
June 2015
What is your favorite part of Connect2 and why?
The Reports. The reporting feature with Connect2 allows our student employees to provide accurate information with regard to incident reports, accident reports and daily shift summaries. These reports enhance our departmental efficiency and communication for documentation, participant follow-ups, and providing up to date information via the team log. Our goal at KU is to create a communication portal this is as efficient as possible and supports the responsibilities of our student employees. The reports module provides professional staff a checks and balances system that increases accountability and transparency with our operations.
Which areas in your department utilize Connect2?
KU Recreation Services uses Connect2 across many program areas. Those program areas are Facilities & Operations, Member Services, Intramural Sports, Sports Clubs, and Maintenance.
How has Connect2 changed the way you operate?
Connect2 has provided an opportunity for our office to become more sustainable by eliminating the amount of paper that we use. Connect2 has become an integral piece of our department with managing our daily operations, risk management practices, and daily usage statistics. Connect2 is our all-inclusive software for student employees, where we keep record of certifications, trainings, reports, etc. By using Connect2 regularly, it has allowed us to better streamline our administrative functions contributing toward our efforts to maximize efficiency.

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