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About us

About Us

Connect2Concepts is a women-owned technology company providing eco-friendly solutions for the recreation, sport, leisure, spa, higher education, hospitality and entertainment industries.  Connect2 is the only market specific software that provides managers with a tool to streamline their operations and centralize their communications.

The Inspiration

We like to say that our solutions were born of both inspiration and frustration. As operators of recreation, sports, and leisure facilities, we were constantly struggling to find a solution that was designed for the unique needs of our industry. With experience operating and opening hundreds of facilities all over the country, we believed that there had to be a better and more environmentally conscious way to operate. After years of research and development and with the help of many friends and colleagues, we created Connect2Concepts.

Our Team

Client Partners

Connect2Concepts™ has partnered with the campus recreation departments at an exclusive selection of schools that allow us to maintain a close connection to the industry while providing feedback and insight that drives the continuous improvement of our solutions.