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Frequently Asked Questions

We offer a web-based SaaS solution that can be accessed by any device with an internet connection.  Our App is designed for iOS allowing our clients to achieve maximum functionality with the use of iPad devices.

For maximum functionality, we recommend iPad generation 2 devices (including iPad minis) and newer.

Our solution has been designed to provide offline functionality when working on the iPad.  So, your team members can login from an area with WiFi, utilize our solution offline, and then sync their data when they return to an area with WiFi.

All modules are included in your subscription; however, you can choose which ones you would like to activate.

We store client data for ten (10) years.  Data older than ten (10) years will be archived and can be downloaded.

Each account receives 5 GB of storage and up to 500 text message alerts each month.  If you would like additional space, we offer an unlimited text and data plan for an additional $45 per month.

Each account receives up to 500 text message alerts a month.  If you would like additional, we offer an unlimited text and data plan for an additional $45 per month.

You are able to download and export your data for the period of time that you have an active subscription.  If you need to cancel your subscription, our team will coordinate a data export with you.

Your subscription is month to month.  While we hope you never want to leave, you can cancel at any time with 30 days notice.  You will receive a refund for any unused portion of subscription starting on the month after your cancellation.

We provide the following features, benefits, and flexibility for our clients to create a HIPAA and FERPA compliant solution:

  • Our cloud services are provided by Microsoft Azure which is a HIPAA and FERPA compliant platform.
  • We have required a secure (SSL/HTTPS) connection for the transmittal of protected data.
  • Account credentials are encrypted.
  • All of our reports and reporting tools are limited to administrator level access.  Once a staff member completes and submits a form from the tablet or computer, they are not able to access it again unless they have administrator level access.
  • We have created opportunities for our customers to limit information contained within the forms.
  • Roles and rights can be assigned to specific users.
  • Customers are responsible for assigning the proper permissions to their staff and ensuring that they have been trained on how to handle any sensitive information.

We offer a tiered fee structure based on the number of Facilities/Teams that you plan to support through Connect2.  Please contact us to determine the best tier for your organization.

Yes, we can accept purchase orders.

Your implementation fee includes your initial account activation, configuration and training.  During the implementation, you will receive personal one on one support from your Connect2 Coach.  Your assigned Connect2 Champion and your Connect2 Coach will review your current forms and operational procedures to determine the best way to utilize Connect2 and configure your modules.  You will also receive access to all of our training materials as well as invitations to ongoing training opportunities.

It takes approximately two (2) weeks to set up your system and train you on it.

Your monthly subscription includes access to our solution for unlimited users and unlimited devices, 5 GB of storage and up to 500 text messages a month, data hosting, security, and ongoing support.

Yes, we provide support Monday – Friday 8;00 AM – 5:00 PM EST Monday – Friday by phone and email.  We also have an after hours emergency line.