Jennifer Jacobs

Jennifer, owner of Connect2Concepts, has been involved in the health, wellness, fitness, and recreation industry for the last 20 years. She earned both her undergraduate and graduate degrees from Ohio University where she got her start in campus recreation. After Ohio University, Jenn spent several years opening municipal parks and recreation facilities in Ohio before moving into the private sector. Jenn served in several senior leadership positions with worldwide leisure management and consulting firms and has been responsible for the successful opening and management of over 100 recreation facilities, spas, fitness centers, health clubs, and leisure amenities.

Jenn’s education and experience combined with her passion for execution has driven the development of Connect2Concepts. Jenn has a unique ability to organize complex business processes into scalable systems that evolve to meet the dynamic needs of diverse markets.

Creating Connect2Concepts as a women-owned technology company committed to providing environmentally conscious industry specific solutions, perfectly aligns her personal and professional beliefs and values.