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Connect2 has been a great addition for our department. Not only has the system eliminated the majority of our paper reports, it makes finding reports much easier. No more digging through endless folders looking for a particular report. The app lends itself to many other aspects of our operations as well. Being able to track facility use, task lists, forms and much more all in one place has been wonderful. The app continues to grow and the customer service is great. I am a happy customer and would highly recommend this service to anyone in the recreation industry.

John Lloyd

Interim Director - Campus Recreation University of Arizona

Connect2 has changed the old-fashioned, pen-to-paper methods of daily recreational facility operations and incorporated technology, experience, and user-friendly modules to enhance our procedures across the board. The Connect2 application is an all-in-one package that organizes the staff’s daily responsibilities, allowing them to focus on risk management and the member experience instead of the chore of checklists, paper reports, and spreadsheets. Our student staff are able to think critically, improve communication, and provide more accurate data and information that we can instantly use to manage our facility. From an administrative aspect, we can gather improved and accurate assessment data, risk management reports, and use the modules to enhance how we communicate with the staff. To top it all off, we are making our own contributions to sustainability by significantly decreasing the use of paper. From top to bottom, Connect2 has allowed us to take a big step forward in being an industry leader in recreational facility operations.

Scott Lehmann

Assistant Director, Facilities Towson University

Connect2 has helped our team increase our efficiency and reduce the amount of paper we consume each day.  We are saving both time and trees! We have expanded the use of Connect2 from our Facilities Team to also include our Competitive Sports and Fitness Departments.  Our staff has embraced Connect2 and the opportunity to streamline our operations with an eco-friendly solution.

Mark Hoying

Assistant Director University of Dayton

Connect2 has helped improve our reporting and document storage which is important for a campus with multiple facilities. I no longer have to wait for documents to be delivered and I can be quickly notified when something major happens in our facilities regardless of the time of day. Gone are the days of having to store binders and boxes of accident and incident reports. We’ve also been able to implement safety inspections that can easily be followed up with and provide documentation for future audits. Connect2 has simplified operations and made it more convenient for all of our staff to access information.

Rob DuBay

Associate Director – Safety & Risk Management Recreational Services University of Iowa | Division of Student Life

Connect2 has changed my work experience at Campus Rec significantly! As a Facility Manager, I used to walk around with a clipboard holding 10 papers, and it could get messy and inconvenient. Since upgrading to iPads and using the Connect2 app as a singular source, everything I need is at my fingertips, including tasks, counts, documents, and communications. Using this app has helped to facilitate my position in many ways, and is very beneficial to the facility operations of Campus Rec as a whole.

Madeline Caffrey

Senior Facility Manager Towson University

Over the last three years, Cal Poly Pomona has been one of the Partner Sites in the development of Connect2.  This web-based solution allows us to more effectively manage critical operations and data collection related to facility usage counts, injury/incident reporting, daily tasks, and overall communications.  Because it is made for university recreation professionals by university recreation professionals, the components cater to our unique needs.  Overall, the student staff love the interface and it is helping the pro staff more efficiently manage our time and data all through a paperless system.

Krista Smith

Director of Recreation Associated Students, Inc. – Cal Poly Pomona

Connect2 has helped us tremendously and has streamlined much of our facility operation.  Additionally, as a certified green workplace at Duke University we are using much less paper.  A key feature for us is the notification of incident form submissions via text and email.  It is great to know the severity of incidents and accidents as soon as the form is submitted.

Meghan Weisman

Assistant Director of Recreation Facilities Duke Recreation and Physical Education

Connect2 has been a wonderful addition to our operational procedures at UNCW. It has given us the technological ability to go from a pen-to-paper method to a more advanced, single use, digital operational format. With this application, our student staff is able to capture real-time facility use counts, fill out reports dealing with accidents or incidents, and utilize the digital task lists to make their job more efficient. We have heard over and over, how much easier using one application has been, not only in daily operations, but training and implementation. Having the ability to check anything in real time on the administration end of the application is a huge benefit, not only for assessment data, but injury/accident follow up as well.

Drew Loso

Assistant Director, Facility Operations University of North Carolina Wilmington

Transitioning to Connect2 has been one of the best operational decisions our department has made!  We had been doing many processes electronically, but within many different systems and programs.  Connect2 has helped us streamline our operations (mainly at our control desks) into one program.  Now our student employees have access to work assignments and resources right at their fingertips!

Personally, I have been most impressed with the receptiveness of the Connect2 team to our ideas for improvement.  Many times we offer a suggestion of how to better use the app, or how it could be adjusted a bit for our department, and usually those ideas are built into the next update!

I am looking forward to working with Connect2 for many years to come!

Karina Knutson

Associate Director of Assessment and Operations University of North Dakota

Connect2 has made an immediate impact in the overall efficiency of our department.  Counts are being recorded more accurately, forms are getting in front of our professional staff more quickly, and we have significantly reduced the amount of paper we are consuming.  From an assessment perspective, the reports we are able to generate will help us make informed decisions about our current facilities as well as future renovations.  Additionally, we have found that the quality of rounds from our student employees has improved greatly as they now have all necessary resources at their fingertips anytime they leave our access control.

Larry Mellinger

Director, Campus Recreation Elon University